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Greetings to all !!
Welcome to Center for Special Education (CSE)
It is my privilege and honour to write this message on the eve of our silver jubilee year.

CSE started as a recreational center in 1992, as a wonderful initiative by some beautiful souls, as a supporting hand to parents of children with special needs. What started in two rooms in ISM, and a few children, is now functioning as a full-fledged school catering to around 80+ differently abled children.

This is a school that focuses on opportunities and development, where children enjoy as much as the teachers, where CSE acts as an extended family for all involved.

As the world is progressing in terms of research in all areas of special education, more and more information and techniques are coming to the fore. We at CSE also try to keep abreast and give our best. We strive to incorporate best practices and latest technologies, we invite experts, attend workshops, engage in regular knowledge transfer sessions and motivate staff to use the new techniques.

As a Principal, I am very excited about this year as our school continues to grow and provide better and state of the art services to our children. I am confident that the outcomes will be evident and satisfying.

I, along with my staff are committed to provide the best possible environment to our children. We will continue to work as a team – students, teachers, volunteers and parents, with full cooperation from the management, to encourage our students to gain basic social and communication skills, achieve knowledge and become contributing adults as a result of their nurturing at CSE.

CSE is a wonderful place for students with diverse challenges, to grow, get involved and have a meaningful school experience. Our curriculum based on Bridges, Portage, CBSE and NIOS caters to the needs and abilities of each child. PECS as well as language and communication are emphasized, uniform pictures are used throughout the groups. IEPs, which are tailor made programs for each child considering their current level of functioning, their strengths and weaknesses are in practice since a long time. Training for developing vocational skills for the trainable group is in place and becomes a part of their IEP.

We strive to create a safe and effective learning environment where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve their optimum potential. My very competent team of special educators and therapists strive to focus on each and every child, monitor their progress and encourage them. I am proud of each and every member of our staff.

The role of our volunteers is unmatched. They are the backbone support of CSE and all of us highly appreciate each one of them.

With parents and teachers understanding each other and working together as a team, every child will succeed. We are thankful to have such an active parent community. Educating our children requires that we all work together and make CSE an outstanding example of teamwork.

CSE is going for ISO certification in the near future and through this we plan to achieve international standards.

Let us have an amazing 2016-17 school year.

Warmest regards,
Dr Analpa Paranjpe, Ph.D.

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