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At CSE, we not only intend to work on each pupil’s weakness, but also want to celebrate our students’ strength.

CSE specific curriculum is an integrated curriculum, designed by special educators and experts in the field. It is

  • a) Multi-disciplinary
  • b) Student specific
  • c) Open to different teaching techniques & approaches

The standard curricula of Early Childhood Education, Bridges and Portage are the guideline for the trainable groups, while the educable group follows CBSE, NIOS curricula. The curriculum is developed in a hierarchical, sequential manner, and is also the base for preparing the Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Our main focus is to provide a framework for development into a well rounded, capable and social individual.

Individualized Education Plan / Program (IEP)

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is a unique, tailor-made plan designed to meet needs of each child at CSE. We believe a child with special need requires support not just from trained educators, but also from their surrounding that includes his/her parents. To successfully help the child progress towards development, it is important for his/her care givers and parents to collaborate and set reasonable learning goals. This is where IEP comes in.

Based on initial assessments by all the therapists as well as determination of skill levels, condition or challenges, age, and classroom observations done by the Special Educators, along with support from parents, a child specific educational program is prepared, which is called the IEP. The focus is to help children reach their maximum potential, keeping in mind their needs, requirements and strengths.

An IEP consists of Long Term Goals, Short Term Goals, Weekly Plans and Daily Schedules. We sincerely encourage parental involvement, including Parent meetings with special educators (Class teachers) to finalize the IEP and review the progress made by the child, minimum 6 times in a year.

Progress report incorporate all the goals planned throughout the year, and depict the progress made by the child. Holiday Homework is an integral part. It is planned so that child doesn't lose touch with what he/she has learned, during the holidays. Parents cooperation in doing this on regular basis is expected and encouraged.

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