Psychological Services

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The clinical psychology department of CSE provides state- of-the-art assessment and intervention services. Comprehensive assessment includes psycho-diagnostic evaluations, educational evaluations and developmental assessments of various developmental disorders using standardized tools.

Assessments are done mainly to understand a child’s cognitive, behavioural, social, emotional, academic, and executive functioning areas and to determine a child’s strength and weaknesses which helps to recommend effective interventions.

 The clinical psychology services offer intervention services like behavioral Therapy for children and adolescence behavioral issues and also developmental counseling, parental counseling and behavioral counseling.

Intervention strategies are based on a detailed understanding of the basic psychological needs of children and adolescents with developmental and intellectual challenges, and how the family and other social contexts influence the socio-emotional adjustment, cognitive development, behavioral adaptation and health status of children and adolescents. This allows for the setting of positive goals, rather than concentrating on deficits or problems. Intervention is based on developing personal strengths and identifying support needs, which will help the child with developmental delay, achieve his potential to the maximum best.


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