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Our staff at CSE is a unique bunch of highly trained professionals

Thoroughly experienced in care giving and working with children with special needs. Our multidisciplinary team consists of special educators, rehabilitation professionals, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, vocational trainer and administrative staff.

This team is supported by regular, committed and trained volunteers. The volunteers initially receive a guided and closely monitored on-the-job training in the classrooms, before managing a child, under the teacher's guidance

CSE boasts of state-of-the-art facilities, when it comes to assistance to needs. We are equipped with extensive educational materials, assessment tools, library with relevant books, assistive technology and communication lab, and many other facilities.


Name of Staff
Ms. Anupama Kaul
Special Educator
Ms.Dimple Mathew
Clinical Psychologist
Ms.Elsa Merin Joy
Occupational Therapist
Ms Revathy
Speech Therapist
Ms. Jocin Gloria
Speech Therapist
Ms. Hema Mohana Sundaram
Special Educator
Mr. Jijo P. Thomas
Special Educator
Ms. Jamuna Senthikumar                   Special Educator
Ms. Jova Anand
Counselor/Coordinator for inclusion
Ms. Nausheen Zaman
Special Educator
Mr. Natarajan Alex
Special Educator
Ms. Priya Merin Robin
Ms. Rachel Philip
Special Educator
Ms. Rema Suresh Babu
Special Educator
Ms. Ramya Rajasekaran
Special Educator
Ms. Sherine Liju
Ms. Shanthi Vijayaraghavan
Special Educator
Ms. Selvi Fhiyona Ignasita
Special Educator
Ms. Vibha Kulkarni
Special Educator


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