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Nothing is more beautiful than the smile on a child’s face, even in moments of distress.

If you want to be a cause of that smile and want to make a lasting impact to their collective lives, lend us your support. Your contribution will assist us to pave the way for a world more friendly and amicable to the children with special needs .
There are many ways in which you can make a difference, you can choose :

Monetary Contribution

The simplest way to contributing is donation in cash . Your donation will allow us to explore advanced and effective child care services, and enable us to offer our children better environment and the best of resources. You can also sponsor a child, especially those in dire need of support.

  • Fee Sponsorship
  • Place orders for- greeting cards, spiral binding, paper bags, envelops

Enrichment Funding

Special Education is incomplete without proper tools and technology. Contributions in the form of equipments, furniture, play instruments, craft and art material, or any device that will aid us in fulfilling our mission are most welcome.

Support and Volunteer

Be a part of the noble cause by directly getting engaged with our children. Spend time with them and help them in their daily activities. You can participate in events, and assist educators in the classroom. There is so much joy in kindness.

Please submit your CV with a covering letter at

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