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Parents / Guardians of the children studying in Indian Schools in Oman are invited to the following for their information and adherence as per the Bye law of the Indian Schools in Oman approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Sultanate of Oman.

1. Related to Board of Directors of Indian Schools (BOD);
  • a) The Schools are established by the BOD primarily to impart good education and value system to students of Indian Community in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • b) The BOD is the apex committee which is the custodian of all Indian schools and promoters are the custodians of their respective schools.
  • c) BOD shall be the authority responsible for representing the schools before Ministry of Education and other Ministries in Oman. Parents / Guardians are not to overstep / circumvent this authority.
  • d) It is one of the important functions of the BOD to monitor the overall operation of the schools in order to ensure the financial viability of each school. The BOD may take timely action if in its opinion the viability of the school is at risk.
  • e) BOD at its discretion may take steps from time to time to enhance the infrastructure and the processes and in case if required, effect a revision in the fee structure with proper notice and as per the bye law.
  • f) That the schools are established and functioning FOR the Indian community facilitated By the Board of Directors.
  • g) The bye-laws very clearly stipulate the election of parent representatives in the BOD and also stipulate nomination of parent representation in the SMCs. Hence, other than those elected/nominated memebers as per by law, no one else is authorised to act as a representative of the parents and whoever doing so is acting against the bye law. Also forming any non-registered parent associations is illegal as per the law of the land.
2. Related to School Management Committee (SMC)
  • a) Individual Indian Schools are managed by the School Management committees (SMC) which are appointed to function as per the Bye Laws. Parents / Guardians shall not interfere in the day to day functioning of the SMC. In case of any grievance by an individual parent against the SMC, they may follow the grievance address system in place.
3. Compliance with laws & regulations.
  • a) Parents / Guardians are to note that no action of theirs or their family members should explicitly or implicitly contravene the laws of the Sultanate of Oman or malign the image or hurt the sentiments of the people of Sultanate of Oman.
4. Related to School administration
  • a) The school administration will be responsible for the day to day running of the school and other functions.
  • b) Parents / Guardians are not to interfere in the day to day functioning of the school including administration, academics and organizational matters.
5. Interactions with teachers and staff
  • a) Parents / Guardians may discuss any matter concerning their wards with respective teacher(s), at the allotted time and at designated areas within the campus.
  • b) Parents / Guardians not to resort to any act which may hurt verbally nor physically any staff of the school. If found in violation, then the school has right to take legal and police action besides issuing a transfer certificate to the respective child.
  • c) Parents / Guardians will not resort to any instigative action and will respect the rules and regulations set out in the bye laws.
6. Grievance & Redress
  • a) Parents / Guardians are to use the school’s grievance addressing mechanism for any concerns they may have and if the matter is not addressed satisfactorily, they may then approach the School Management Committee in writing. In case the matter still remains unresolved, parents/guardians may approach the Board of Directors who shall be the final authority for the redress.
7. Image of the Indian Schools
  • a) Parents / Guardians shall not be a party, under any circumstances, to tarnish the image of the school through any medium.
  • b) Parents / Guardians are to be aware that use of social media websites is governed by the laws of Sultanate of Oman. If these media are not used diligently, it may lead to legal implications.
8. Fee Payment
  • a) Parents / Guardians are to pay all fees on time. In case temporary nonpayment of fees, they should inform the school authorities and request for a rescheduling of the same or apply for the fee concession scheme in vogue and will adhere to the mutually agreed terms as discussed with the school. If they do not comply with any of the above, in spite of three reminders / warnings, then the school shall have the right to issue transfer certificate to the concerned child.
9. Disciplinary Action against non-compliance
  • a) Parents / Guardians are expected to adhere to the above general guidelines for the smooth functioning of the school and the school has the right to
    i) Intimate and warn about the non-compliance to the concerned parent in writing by the school administration, with a copy to the SMC.
    ii) Issue a second warning letter by the SMC, with a copy to the school administration.
    iii) If there is no response/corrective action from the parent/guardian, issue a transfer certificate for the ward, without further warning. In the event of a TC being issued, BoD will be kept informed by the school explaining the circumstances with approrpiate evidence of prior warnings.

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