home school environment

Mr. Oscar

We like to thank Occupational Therapist for his excellent efforts and support provided to Reece, especially in his physical activities. He loves to perform at home too.  I appreciate sincerely.

Father of Master Reece Pierre Noronha

Ms. Sonal

Suneeth has achieved lot of things through Occupational Therapy. Now he is not afraid of climbing heights and settled with wearing weighted jacket. Major thing is that he started wearing socks. I am happy with Occupational Therapy and thank you very much.

Mother of Master Suneet Rathod

Mr. Biju

Jesslin has improved a lot during this session. Thanks to Occupational therapist for the support

Father of Jesslin

Shwetha Konnur

My son aged 16 years joined Care & Special Education  (CSE) at the age of 5 years. The staff in CSE are caring, sensitive, trained and knowledgeable.  Have done a wonderful job in implementing, unique programme that addresses his multiple disabilities. Therapies as required and sessions have been a value addition. CSE also involves parents by training them through workshops which enables proper understanding, helping in child's needs and growth. Good oriented programme have helped the child's improvement. Overall an excellent experience.

Mother of Mihir

Ms. Shubha Bhat

I can say that Vibha has become independent and that her understanding has improved.

Mother of Vibha Bhat

Ms.Shyma Benzy

She became better than before. She has the capability of understanding the situation. She has learnt to arrange things in a very good manner. She now has good behavior and manners.

Mother of B.S. Adithya


Pranav has improved a lot in these 3 years, especially in obedience and compliance. He now has a longer sitting span and is more focused while doing any work. He has also greatly improved in speech and language. It is generalized now whereas previously it was mainly with me.

Mother of Pranav shriyan

Ms.Suni Abraham

Self help skills improved. Started reading mother tongue. She became more alert about surrounding environment.

Mother of Jemima Abraham

Ms.Sajna Azeez

Eye Contact of Akku has increased tremendously. He is able to understand and comprehend situations very well. Able to follow instructions also.

Mother of Aaqib Azeez Natchikkad

Mr. Bilal

Mohammed Bilal is currently obeying the small orders pertaining to daily routine things. He has sitting habits which is being grown gradually. His concentration on the specified works is being improved. Eye contact and grasping power are improved. He likes playing, especially football. Expression of daily requirements is highly improved

Father of Mohammed Bilal

C.H. Aruna & K.L Naidu

Our daughter Muktha K. has been in APEX CSE since September 2012. With the individual evaluation, CSE identified her strengths and weaknesses, and using this information, they developed her IEP to enhance her strengths and overcome her weaknesses. The CSE entire staff is highly qualified, knowledgeable, supportive and extraordinary, and is doing wonderful job in implementing the individual program that addresses her strengths and weaknesses. Our daughter gets all therapies, classroom/ table top and outdoor activities what she requires and is showing nice improvement.
We love the way the staff integrates therapy in many of the activities throughout the day, not just while she is attending OT/ST/PT sessions. Monthly workshops conducted by CSE are extremely useful to the parents and the children. We salute the entire staff for putting so much hardwork to conduct these workshops.She absolutely loves to go to CSE and enjoy the caring, nurturing, clean and bright environment and sometimes troubles to come back home. Finally, as a parent, we are very happy that Muktha is showing overall improvement and THANK YOU is a small word to show our gratitude for the hard work the entire CSE is putting in making a child independent, self confident, socially responsible and academically sound.

Parents of Muktha K

Ms. Somya Nandakumar

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of CSE-ISM. It gave us a light of hope. A child who was struggling to speak and communicate has become smart and energetic with the help of CSE and its teachers. CSE boosted the confidence level in students as well as parents. The hard work and guidance from CSE has helped Ashwath to compete with normal children. Once again thanking CSE for this beautiful moment.

Mother of Ashwath

Ms.Jasema Rehman

We are proud to share these special comments. Our continuing wonderful experience with CSE. The new look of the center is really amazing, spacious and bright, really commendable. A very big thanks to each and everyone who made it. My daughter at the age of 8 joined CSE, now she is 13 years. She has improved in lot of skills in different part of the activities. The staff are really caring, knowledgeable, and have done a wonderful job, implementing a unique program. The initial evaluation done by CSE identified areas of strength for my daughter. Using this information, her individual program has been developed to maximize these strength. We all are very happy to be a part of this environment. CSE becomes a part of our family. Wishing good health, happiness, well being, safety and peace to all the families of the center

Mother of Rumana


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