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CSE helps in identifying, diagnosing and guiding parents and teachers concerned about a child’s progress in mainstream schools.

In a case of parents not being able to identify the special need of their child, Schools and other sources often refer students to CSE for assessment and further help. The main programs conducted are:


  • Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Speech and Language Assessment
  • Assessment by Occupational therapist
  • Assessment by Physiotherapist.

2.Remedial sessions: These are provided in the evening hours for children who need one on one intervention due to varying learning difficulties.

Therapists and Special Educators are available for above services, by prior appointment taken through CSE office.

3.Training in mainstream schools for Inclusive Education by our expert faculty on topics like Learning Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and classroom accommodations and modifications.Inclusive Education is about how we develop and design our classrooms so that all students can learn and participate.

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