Special education

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At CSE, we respect the individuality of each and every one of our pupil, which is why we do not practice the traditional approach of set classes and techniques, like in mainstream schools.

Instead, we follow the method of grouping as per functionality and specific needs that are to be addressed at each progressive stage.

Primarily there are two main streams

  • a) The Educable group
  • b) The Trainable group

Pre-Primary Group (common to both the main streams)

This is an early intervention group intended to address children at entry level. The skill level of the children in this group is between low to medium and age bracket is between 4 to 6 years. Children in this age tend to be more restless and often find difficulty in taking instructions or doing regular things like eating and toileting. The focus is henceforth on attention skills, sitting tolerance and Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Trainable group

Not all children are academically inclined; their concern may lie in something else. While some may love playing more than studying, there are many who may find leading a normal life difficult. Trainable Group is focused on training these students to progress toward developing vocational skills and simplify their lives.

A. Preliminary Group (6 years and above)

In this group, we provide further training on Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to the children with low to mid-level skills. Functional academics are introduced, with instruction on basic concepts like meaningful counting, learning about time, and sight word reading. Children are made aware of the visuals they see around them.

B. Life Skills Training Group (9 years and above)

In this group, the children with the intellectual challenge are trained to hone life skills, which include Activities of Daily Living (ADL), functional academics, and communication skills. The children slowly learn grooming and hygiene. Both forms of communication – verbal and non-verbal are encouraged at this stage.

C. Functional Skills Training Group (11 years and above)

In functional training group, the focus continues on Activities of daily living (ADL), functional academics, sight word reading and communication skills, but the horizon is further widened. Functional skills are inculcated to develop the habit of independently carrying out daily activities. The more the children learn to function without aid, the greater will they be able to participate socially. From basic counting numbers to learning names of streets on the map, we take them from strength to strength.

D. Pre-Vocational Group (14 years and above)

This group is for those children and young adults, who don't need further assistance in daily activities (ADL). The children in this group are trained in pre-skills for vocational and functional academics. The content is centered on social interaction and responsiveness. We provide well-structured guidance and counseling, along with behavioral assistance to help the children be ready to face real life. We help the child identify his strength and encourage them to develop it as a vocation.

Educable group

For this category, our focus is to encourage the academic inclination and related skills shown by the children and channelize their potential to achieve greater success in the future.

Primary Group (7 years and above)

This group is for children with mid to and independent functioning capability. The focus is on academic skills on the syllabus prepared for CSE as per CBSE / NIOS / Bridges. Training is given in activities equivalent to KG 1 to Class III. Some children from this group, as per their readiness level are partially integrated with mainstream school for non-academic classes like drawing, art & craft, music

Grouping in CSE is versatile and dynamic. As the child progresses in his/her development, they are shifted from one group to another. Progress is measured in terms of assessments by special educators and various therapists in CSE.

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